2022 Winners | The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

In dreamlike Wyhotth, where musesang the vibrant lyssle-wing, the Brether-Clave of Amathoro had gathered at last for Sothenfeast; knurl and truthseller alike parleyed anxiously of the sure bequeathment of Voro-Denang, legendary Kalx of Vestramne, but none more querulously than Jeff, who had just come in from Buffalo and didn’t know what the hell anything was supposed to be.

Musk suspends journalists from Twitter, claims ‘assassination’ danger

Twitter suspended the accounts of more than half a dozen journalists from CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post and other outlets Thursday evening, as company owner Elon Musk accused the reporters of posting “basically assassination coordinates” for him and his family.

I hate having to discuss this nutsack, but as ever the biggest argument against the monarchy is the king.

NIST Retires SHA-1 Cryptographic Algorithm

As today’s increasingly powerful computers are able to attack the algorithm, NIST is announcing that SHA-1 should be phased out by Dec. 31, 2030, in favor of the more secure SHA-2 and SHA-3 groups of algorithms.

The 80-year-old book that explains Elon Musk and tech’s new right-wing tilt

Burnham’s theory helps the modern right square this circle. If power is increasingly moving away from capitalists and toward the managers they employ, then it’s totally coherent for even the wealthiest people in the country to see themselves as victims of a “woke mind virus” infecting middle and upper management. This is how you get the odd spectacle of people like Musk deploring alleged censorship perpetrated by their own companies: They see their staff not as subordinates whose conduct is an internal company matter, but as rivals in the struggle for power who must be defeated.

Am I out of touch?

FTX Had Some Luna Trouble

What is incredible is that confidence in those institutions grew so fast and, for a little while, looked so robust. They came from nothing, and they quickly returned to nothing, and when you look at the postmortems it is a little hard to understand why they ever inspired any confidence. But they did, and for a while that was what made them valuable.

Meet-in-the-Middle Preimage Attacks on Sponge-based Hashing

[W]e give an improved 4-round preimage attack on Keccak-512/SHA3, and break a nearly 10 years’ cryptanalysis record. We also give the first preimage attacks on 3-/4-round Ascon-XOF and 3-round Xoodyak-XOF.

Exclusive: U.S. Justice Dept is split over charging Binance as crypto world falters, sources say

The whole internet loves Crypto Duck, a lovely duck revolutionizing finance! 5 seconds later We regret to inform you the duck is wire fraud

Elon Musk Gets Viciously Booed by Stadium Crowd at Dave Chappelle Show

As a friend of mine said, “don’t try to solve your attachment issues with your marketing”.

“Actually, it’s about ethics in content moderation”

TIL brew autoremove